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MOA Expansion Proposal - SW New Mexico and AZ

Published on 2/14/2022
A Notice of Intent to initiate an Environmental Impact Study has been published for Special Use Airspace Optimization for Davis Monthan Air Force Base.  Although the overview implies it only affects Arizona and indicates there are no new MOAs being created, TEN existing MOAs are proposed for expansion, often to altitudes 100' or 500' AGL.  In addition, they propose lowering supersonic authorization to floors of 5000 or 10,000AGL (currently 30,000MSL) for most MOAs and Chaff/Flare authorizations to as low as 2000AGL where currently 5000AGL. They also propose combining the low and high MOAs which means, even if they are only using the higher airspace, the whole MOA will be "Active".

Public meetings are held through the end of February at various locations:
  Notice of Intent - Public Meeting Schedule    View posters and the complete set of documents prepared for those meetings here:  

Four alternatives will be studied, including Alternative 1, the "No Action" alternative, as summarized here: QUICK SUMMARY.
For detailed summaries of the proposed alternatives, open each of these documents per changes to these existing MOAs. For each, group of MOAs, there is a map, a graphical depiction, and a table comparing current airspace to proposed alternatives.

Outlaw, Jackal, Morenci, Reserve MOAs

Tombstone MOA

Bagdad and Gladden MOAs

Sells, Ruby, Fuzzy MOAs
Comments will be accepted until March 4, 2022.  We encourage you to speak up if you have concerns. For instructions for submitting comments directly:

Download a copy of NMPA Comments HERE.

The NMPA Advocacy Committee would appreciate any comments, suggestions or other input to formulate our position. Send to us at