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STOL Clinics

Short or Soft Takeoffs and Landings

NMPA STOL Clinics are “directed independent practice,” i.e., a ground-school review of the short-field techniques you learned in Private Pilot training and discussions of alternatives, then a chance to practice. A limited number of CFI’s should be available at reasonable rates. Pilots at any level can play. THIS IS NOT A CONTEST. Participating pilots can be earn Wings credits at these clinics. 

NMPA STOL clinics are be both fun and popular. They provides an opportunity for pilots to review and practice their skills as well as to meet new contacts in the aviation community. It is a short event that can have pilots home by mid-afternoon of the same day. It can be put on at just about any small airport around the state, but requires an enthusiastic contact on location who can help NMPA with logistics.  

Non-NMPA members are welcome if there are slots left after NMPA members are accommodated, but are encouraged to join NMPA.

STOL Clinic Documents